Mental wellbeing and physical development treated equally

Richardson Sport is a specialist Health, Fitness and Wellbeing sports company that provides a range of bespoke services to elite and aspiring athletes, clubs, community groups and schools.

We specialise in ‘Athlete Development’ and provide bespoke service packages to meet the needs of individuals and groups. These include areas of sports science and medicine, be it Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Performance Analysis, Psychology, Physiotherapy or Mentoring.

We work with professional and amateur athletes, to offer a tailored holistic approach that enables them to reach their full potential, on and off the field of play.

Alongside our work with athletes, Wayne draws on his years of experience as a Coach working for GB Lacrosse and as a Mentor and Youth Worker for Manchester City Council to work with Education providers delivering High- Performance Sport workshops and bespoke mentoring packages for Looked after Children.


A gold standard platform for athletes to manage their own futures with independent support to assist them throughout their journey wherever it may take them.

Working one-to-one on your athletic ability and injury prevention can have a huge effect on your pitch performances and confidence. We provide the best environments and support team for you to work on the areas that you want to improve on.


Mental and physical challenges are part of modern sport

Demand for our support – particularly in the world of professional football – is driven by the increased expectations placed on young players and academy hopefuls. The overall success rate is disproportionate – very few of these youngsters fully realise the dream that they and their supportive parents hope for. We see our role as being there for players, athletes and their families and colleagues, to celebrate their successes and support them in picking up the pieces, keeping them focussed on their ambitions and life goals.


We should not just aspire to make a living, but aspire to make a difference

We have a strong grassroots focus and increasingly deliver sports programmes across Greater Manchester to schools and communities. We also offer motivational support and guidance on fitness and activity, particularly to highlight and address physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our continued development into one of the top Performance Sport specialists in the UK has been underpinned by strict adherence to our core values of Commitment, Honesty, Positivity, Passion and Personal Development.


Strength | Flexibility | Movement | Mobility | Stability

The Assessment Session is the starting point for all new aspiring athletes, whether they are transitioning from grassroots to academy football, or on the verge of gaining a scholarship and want to gain an extra edge.

Nutrition Plans

Support for our athletes extends beyond the gym or pitch. Nutrition is one of the most important areas of anyone’s life if they need to perform at their best day in day out.


Mental and physical challenges are part of modern sport

Our sessions for teams introduce kids and teenagers to a range of activities that will improve strength, coordination and running mechanics, which results in faster sprint speed and helps them try to stay injury-free. We also focus on general athletic development, by enhancing all components of physical fitness in a balanced manner.


AmandaParent of Academy Player

Thank you, Wayne, for the continued support with Ewan’s sports performance. Your coaching has played a huge part in progressing Ewan’s strength, speed and fitness, so much so that he has been offered a further 2-year contract with a Rochdale Academy. Your sessions push him mentally and physically and he looks forward to getting back to the sessions.

Gary LaverickParent to Academy Player

I couldn't speak more highly of Wayne and the team at Richardson Sport. Not only is he a fantastic coach but a great mentor. He is really passionate about his students and takes time to understand what drives them to make a better athlete. Thank you Wayne and Richardson Sport

StacyParent of Academy Player

My daughter has just started a course of sessions with Wayne, she found the first session really useful. Her exact words were, ‘that you've connected a lot of dots’. She has always been a child that is eager to learn and be the best she can be. So she is really looking forward to working with you and can already see the benefit that you will bring to her football. Thank you.

AdamParent or Academy Player

My son has really enjoyed his sessions at Richardson sport, He has felt very welcome and treated as an athlete, I would like to thank Wayne, Andy and Emma for all there support, for ensuring that his progress and happiness have been central to his achievements.
Since attending Richardson in the last eight months he results have been outstanding." In strength, speed, awareness, and attitude.

RobParent of Academy Player

My son spent around 10 weeks working with Wayne in his football athletic development sessions & loved it. He’s never been blessed with pace but Wayne taught him techniques that gave him the boost that he needed.