For those without a club right now, those who are just at the start of their football career and those who just want to train with us athlete or not.


We specialise in ‘Athlete Development’ to enable you to become the athlete you aspire to be.

We work with you to help you understand your athletic capabilities and enhance your career opportunities. Wayne (or one of the team) will provide dedicated, one-to-one coaching, and build and sustain a long-term training relationship with you.

We cater to off/pre-season training, injury rehabilitation, out-of-contract, without a club and serious people (yes even if you’re not an athlete) who desire to work with us.

We bring the right backroom team together to design the best possible package to enable you to become match-fit and stay injury-free.

The Process


Step 1 Assessment Session

In the absence of any reports from your club, your journey with us will start with an Assessment session.
We will take you through a variety of exercises and drills (movement screens), which analyse how you use your body. These movements are captured using the latest video software to help you see what we see in you. You’ll be able to download and keep the video clips to watch whenever you like, and you’ll receive our feedback verbally following the session.

Step 2 Training Plan

Your training plan will be developed based on what we learnt about you during your Assessment Session. Our programmes are flexible and can be adjusted to meet with the demands your club and/or school place on you.

Step 3 Review

Throughout your time with us, we constantly keep your performance under view. During the season, we’ll get out to watch you play so we can see first-hand how our coaching is translating onto the pitch. Once fixtures are known, please send them over to us, and we’ll put plans in place to attend some of your games.

“Wayne and the team have not just got me fit, they've helped me find my confidence again and get my mind-set right to go out there and proove myself”


Our coaching packages start from 12 sessions for £600 and are based on one session per week for the duration of the package.

However, during off-season, some athletes choose to use some of their sessions intensively (usually during the school holidays) and in the lead up to returning to their respective clubs in order to ensure that they #GoBackReady.

Please note you may be asked to adjust your payments to keep them on track with usage if you opt to use some of the sessions in the way described above. There is also the opportunity (availability permitting) to use some of the sessions to work on the player’s footwork and finishing skills outside on the 3G Astro Pitches, or at our outdoor summer venue on a fabulously maintained grass pitch (weather permitting). These sessions must be booked in advance.



What’s included:

  • 45 training session
  • Video analysis
  • Match visits
  • Sports mentoring
  • Online support
  • Entry-level nutrition plan


What’s included:

  • 36 Training sessions
  • Video analysis
  • Match visits
  • Sports mentoring
  • Online support

League 1

What’s included:

  • 26 Training sessions
  • Video analysis
  • Sports Mentoring
  • Online support

League 2

What’s included:

  • 12 training session

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