Terms and Conditions Of Trading

Richardson Consulting (Manchester) Ltd T/A Richardson Sport

Below are the Terms and Conditions for the provision of personal fitness training, sports fitness coaching and mentoring.

All references to ‘you’ mean the person participating if you are purchasing our services for yourself or  you are the parent/guardian or agent buying the services on-behalf of the Child/Athlete/Player.

The exact services we will provide to you will depend on what we agree on unless you or your child are attending one of our Classes in which case, the service is not bespoke and is a set format for everyone attending.

Before you agree that we will provide 1-2-1 Coaching Services to you please read these terms and conditions. If you have questions concerning them, please ask before entering into a contract with us.

Before we provide any Services, we require that you provide us details of any injuries or medical conditions you have and any medication you are taking.

We will also ask you questions concerning your diet, the type and amount of exercises you take (and have taken in the recent past) and your general lifestyle.

Development of a training and exercise programme based on the results of the paragraphs above, we will discuss the type of training and exercise programme you would like to (and can) follow.

Any details you provide will be recorded on your client records.

Please note that after we receive your health and injury information, we may decide that we cannot provide any services. For example, any form of training or exercise we can offer is not suitable for you or that the form and type of training and exercise you require is not medically safe for you to undertake. In such cases we will require that you should consult with a medical doctor (such as your GP). In such cases, before we can perform any Services, we will require a report or letter from a medical doctor to indicate that you can undertake exercise and training.

Conduct of training sessions

You must wear suitable attire (i.e. shorts, sweat pants, t-shirt, tennis/running shoes, etc.) during the Session. Depending on the location of the Session you may need to comply with the rules of the applicable gym. For the avoidance of doubt, you must not wear jeans, jean shorts, sandals, open toe shoes of any kind.

Performance of the Services

In accordance with the programme of exercise and training as agreed by us from time to time.

If there is a (significant) period between you initially buying our services and returning as a customer, we may:

  • ask you to confirm in writing that the information we have recorded remains accurate and that nothing of significance has changed in your medical condition or lifestyle which will affect any Services we will provide; or
  • ask you to provide a letter from a medical doctor indicating you can undertake fitness and sports exercise and training; or
  • Not provide any services until you have provided up to date information about your heath and or injuries.

We either provide our services on the basis of classes, individual sessions, series of sessions or virtual training. However, the best results or benefits are usually only possible if a series (block or package) of 1-2-1 sessions are booked.


Normally the services will be carried out at GB Taekwondo, National Taekwondo Centre, Ten Acres Sports Complex, Ten Acres Lane, Manchester, M40 2SP. It may be possible for the services to be carried out at your home or a gym (and outdoors) of your choice. If you choose the place where the services are to be performed (such if the Session is at your home or at a gym of your choosing) then we will normally require that you provide certain items and ensure that the space where the services are to be performed (if performed indoors) are ready for use and have been cleared of obstructions etc. If we provide the location, then we will be responsible for ensuring that these requirements are met.

Length of a Session

The Services are provided in sessions normally given in 1-hour time slots. The actual period of the performance of Services during a session will normally be approximately 55 minutes. A few minutes at the beginning and end of each session is required to set up, ask you any questions about your condition, any issues or problems.

Stopping a Session

At any time during a Session if in my opinion we consider that:

  • you appear to be unwell or becoming unwell; and/or
  • are not following my reasonable instructions (such as not followinginstructions intended to protect your, our trainer & resources or anotherperson’s safety); and/or
  • you are behaving or acting unreasonably or are offensive, then we may wishto stop a session and not continue it

Cost of Sessions and payment

Our fee for a Class/Session or a Block/Package of Sessions are set out on our website www.richardsonsport.co.uk and or are confirmed in writing between us.

Session overruns

If at your request, and with our agreement, a Session runs longer then a Session period we will charge you for each 15 minutes that we provide you with the Services at the pro-rata rate you are paying for a Session.

Increase in Session costs

If you book a block of Sessions, then our fee will remain the same for that block of Sessions if we increase the rate of our fees. If you book Sessions one at a time, we will be entering a separate contract at each booking. In this case the fee for each Session will be that in force at the time of the booking.

Block or Package of Sessions

If you book a package of Sessions, then all sessions must be completed by the proposed end date, (12 weeks, 26 weeks, 39 weeks etc) where this has not been achieved then we will give a grace period of up to 3 months starting from the date of the last session used in which to use up all remaining sessions. Blocks of 10/20 sessions are to be used within 6 months.

If you are on holiday, have suffered an emergency or an injury then in our sole discretion we may give you a 2-month additional grace period for the Sessions to be completed. In case of injury if you provide us with a GP medical note then we may allow you to have a longer grace period. All remaining Sessions will become void after the applicable deadline and no refund will become due.


Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer. Clients can make payment via credit and debit card too via our booking systems, all payment processing is via Stripe – for details of the companies ’data policies’ please refer to our Privacy Policy also available on our website.

All costs are exclusive of VAT, if you have booked a block of Sessions, then payment will be made for all the Sessions booked at the time of booking, unless we agree a payment plan with you in writing.



For the avoidance of doubt, we will not provide you with a refund for any Classes or Session(s) if the session is unable to commence, is stopped or becomes void because you did not cancel or show up.

Refunds for any other reason are entirely at our discretion.

Our travel time and mileage

We do not normally charge for traveling to or from a Session (whether or not the location where the Session will take place is chosen by you) although if we need to travel some distance then we may make a charge. If we need to do this, we will make it clear at the time you wish to book a Session. We will charge £0.45 per mile and £20.00 per hour for travel time, unless we have an alternative agreement in place at the time of invoicing.

If you are late for a Session or you cancel

If you are late arriving to a session or if you have chosen the location of the Session and it is not ready at the scheduled start of a Session, then the Session will start when you arrive, or the location is ready. The Session will continue until its scheduled end. If you wish the Session to overrun, and we agree, then you will be charged for the extra time I spend in providing the services, as set out in paragraph 6.3 above. If in our trainer’s reasonable opinion, he considers that providing our services will serve no practical value or will be unsafe for you in the time available remaining of the session then we may cancel the Session. You will still be expected to pay for the session however.

If you cancel

Please note that 24-hours’ notice is required to cancel a pre-booked session. Where no notice is received your session will be marked as “DID NOT SHOW” in our client database.

If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, then we expect you to pay the cost of that session. If you cancel a session when you have booked a block of Sessions/package, then that session will be marked as ‘spent’  in our systems.

If you need to cancel a Session, contact us immediately on 07976609164 (voicemail will record date/time) or use the link in the booking confirmation to take you to our website to cancel.

If we cancel

On occasion we may have to cancel a scheduled Session. This may occur because of several reasons, such as that our trainer is unwell and there is not another trainer who can provide the Services, or a preceding session has overrun, or we cannot reach the location where we have a scheduled Session because of travel problems (traffic jams, etc). If a cancellation occurs in this situation, then we will offer you another scheduled Session without further charge to you or offer you a refund of our fee for that scheduled session.

Transferring booked Sessions

Once you have booked (and paid for) Sessions you will not be able to transfer the sessions or any remaining Sessions to any other person.

Limitation on our liability to you

Our liability to compensate you for any loss or damage (in the case of loss or damage other than death or personal injury) is limited to a reasonable amount having regard to such factors as whether the damage was due to a negligent act or omission by our trainers. Our liability for death or personal injury is also subject to certain limitations which our trainers may recommend supplements and/or possibly other dietary aids to you. We cannot and do not accept any liability that may arise from a recommendation made by one of our trainers. We cannot, do not and will not guarantee the legality of any supplement recommended by us and we cannot confirm that any supplement does not contain a Prohibited Substance (as defined by the World AntiDoping Code). You must satisfy yourself and ensure that any supplement we recommend has no Prohibited Substance contained therein. If you are an athlete that is subject to the World Anti-Doping Code, or any doping regulations, then you must comply with your personal duty to ensure that no Prohibited Substance enters your body. You cannot and should not rely on any representations made by us.

Limitation and exclusion of liability for personal injury and death

We will compensate you for any loss or damage you may suffer if we fail to carry out duties imposed on us by law (including if we cause your death or personal injury to you by our negligence) unless that failure is attributable to:

  • your own fault;
  • a third party unconnected with the provision of Services under this contract;
  • or events which we could not have foreseen or forestalled even if we hadtaken all reasonable care

Contacting each other

If you wish to send us any notice or letter then you should send it to Richardson Consulting (Manchester) Limited T/A Richardson Sport, C/O Hawley Business Solutions Ltd 2nd Floor Parkview House Towngate Office Park Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 4AB . If we wish to send you a letter or notice, we will use the address you have given when you signed up to our services or the latest address, we hold on file for you.


If you are unhappy with the Services, we provide we hope you will discuss any problems or issues with us first. In addition, or alternatively, you may wish to contact Sport Resolutions as they offer a mediation service which can help resolve disputes. If you wish, you may, at any time, take court proceedings. If so, you must do so within the courts of England and Wales. This contract is governed and construed by the law of England and Wales.

Whole Agreement

These terms and conditions set out the entire agreement between us, in relation to those matters set out herein, and supersedes all prior discussions, statements, representations and undertakings between us. These terms and conditions may not be amended, modified or superseded unless expressly agreed to in writing by both parties.

For the purposes of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 this agreement is not intended to, and does not, give any person who is not a party to it any right to enforce any of its provisions.


Updated  EH 18.02.24