When we get such amazing feedback like this, and hearing how we have truly helped budding athletes, amateur athletes, and professionals, this is what we live for here at Richardson Sport.

We were first referred to Wayne by Bolton Wanderers FC, as they have had previous players who trained with Richardson Sport and value the coaching given very highly.

Wayne is not only a coach to Fin but also a friend and a mentor who has offered Fin guidance with his football, school and personal life.

Since working with Wayne, we have seen massive improvements in Finlay’s football, his athletic ability and his strength, but more importantly, his confidence and his attitude both to sport and general life.

I would recommend Wayne to anyone, and feel as though Bolton putting us in touch with Wayne is the best thing that could’ve happened to Fin.

Thanks for everything you have done Wayne – we look forward to continuing Finlay’s journey with you.

Parent of Finlay Lockett

I first became aware of Wayne’s sessions about 4 years ago when my son’s grassroots football club started weekly group sessions when Wayne was based at the Manchester Regional Arena.

Having seen videos of the team attending, I was keen for my son to join in but unfortunately the sessions clashed with his training for another team. Fast forward a year and a change of days for the team sessions allowed my son to join in with his teammates.

After his first group session he came out full of enthusiasm and has continued with the sessions ever since, mainly on a 1 to 1 basis, working with both Wayne and Andy.

I would highly recommend looking into your child training with Richardson Sport either on a 1 to 1 basis or in a small group as attending Wayne and Andy’s sessions has not only increased my son’s fitness, but the sessions are fun and help build confidence in children.

Parent of Santiago Rodrigues

Wayne came highly recommended by one of Saul’s School mates, who was also playing Academy football.

Saul had suffered from a series of injuries, brought on by growing issues and we felt that we need to boost his general fitness and confidence. He was 14 at the time, growing rapidly, and therefore prone to all manner of niggles such as back strains, which forced him to the sidelines for weeks at a time.

Wayne was so understanding and knowledgeable, but what impressed me the most was the manner in which he formed such an early positive relationship with Saul. Wayne has genuine likeability factors anyway, but he is not merely a very effective listener and fitness/conditioning coach, he breeds confidence in his client in a way I have never witnessed elsewhere.

Wayne’s method of coaching helped to improve Saul athletically, and he was also a psychological inspiration to him with his positive attitude.

In a nutshell, Wayne just “gets it.” He helps to keep your child’s feet on the ground and mentors his clients perfectly.

Saul has now secured a 2-year Scholarship with Huddersfield FC, and I would highly recommend Wayne to other Academy footballers without reservation.

Mr Milovanovic

Hi Wayne

Happy to tell you Jack has been given a 2 year contract at Accrington Stanley!

I would just like to say big thanks to you!

When Jack came to you it was because his running style was ‘all over the place’!

Jack needed to improve his speed over all distances and I wanted him to have good technique to take into adult hood to improve more when his strength and power will increase naturally.

Jack has come on with you so much and he loves your sessions. He feels very at ease with you and wants to soak up all your expertise and knowledge.

Looking forward to the future working with you over the coming years!

Thanks again.

Read Lancashire Telegraph article about Jack here

Parents, Jack Evans

Wayne is a very dedicated and knowledgeable coach.  He is always creating workouts that fit the individual needs of athletes within their sport(s). His enthusiasm is infectious and when training not only have I worked my hardest but found it enjoyable.  Every athlete who enters Richardson Sport will work hard and walk out of that facility with two things, a sweat and a smile!

When training with Wayne and other athletes he has had a vested interest in each individual. When I first trained with Wayne when I was 18, he provided a positive environment for people to train and become better athletes! Training with Wayne has made me stronger, more powerful and able to reach my full athletic ability and ultimately play at a higher level.

Richardson Sport helps players to focus on improving their strength and agility as well as encouraging them to become well-rounded athletes competing at the highest possible level of fitness and intensity.

I look forward to training with Richardson Sport off season in order to keep my fitness at a peak condition before returning back to pre season training.

James Jennings, Footballer

Ethan is now on his third block of training sessions with Wayne. He started about 10 months ago through a friend who was already training with Wayne.

Although he has been at a football academy since he was 8 years old we felt that he needed to develop his body physically as when you get older half the battle in a match is keep the opponent off you and to have the strength to deal with it.

Wayne started with a full assessment of his current strengths and weaknesses. He soon picked up on were improvement was needed and even the simple things about how to use your hands whilst running has helped with his speed.

Ethan has started to change physically since attending Wayne’s sessions he has become stronger both physically and mentally.

Wayne also helps with confidence in a match and regularly has chats with Ethan on any issues he has concerning the game.

Well done Wayne, keep up the good work.

Stephen Kershaw, Parent

Our son has been liaising with and attending the fitness sessions with Richardson Sport at Sportcity (Etihad Complex) in Manchester over the past year. The sessions have utilized the support of enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaching staff. The sports fitness training sessions have all been personalised and of high quality, delivered in a way that challenges the footballer to improve, whilst being fun and easy to understand.

Training sessions are well planned and organised to meet the individual’s needs and held in a clean and well-maintained fitness complex. Our son has worked with Wayne and his Fitness and Well Being Team not just in Fitness but also in his mental approach to football.
He has received off -site support and regular communications with the support coaches which has resulted in our son remaining focused with clearly set and achievable goals.

We have been really pleased with the staff at Richardson Sport and the support they have given in creating better opportunities for our son.

J & B Crowley, Parents


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