Wayne came highly recommended by one of Saul’s School mates, who was also playing Academy football.

Saul had suffered from a series of injuries, brought on by growing issues and we felt that we need to boost his general fitness and confidence. He was 14 at the time, growing rapidly, and therefore prone to all manner of niggles such as back strains, which forced him to the sidelines for weeks at a time.

Wayne was so understanding and knowledgeable, but what impressed me the most was the manner in which he formed such an early positive relationship with Saul. Wayne has genuine likeability factors anyway, but he is not merely a very effective listener and fitness/conditioning coach, he breeds confidence in his client in a way I have never witnessed elsewhere.

Wayne’s method of coaching helped to improve Saul athletically, and he was also a psychological inspiration to him with his positive attitude.

In a nutshell, Wayne just “gets it.” He helps to keep your child’s feet on the ground and mentors his clients perfectly.

Saul has now secured a 2-year Scholarship with Huddersfield FC, and I would highly recommend Wayne to other Academy footballers without reservation.

Mr Milovanovic

Hi Wayne

Happy to tell you Jack has been given a 2 year contract at Accrington Stanley!

I would just like to say big thanks to you!

When Jack came to you it was because his running style was ‘all over the place’!

Jack needed to improve his speed over all distances and I wanted him to have good technique to take into adult hood to improve more when his strength & power will increase naturally.

Jack has come on with you so much and he loves your sessions. He feels very at ease with you and wants to soak up all your expertise and knowledge.

Looking forward to the future working with you over the coming years!

Thanks again.

Jack Evans

Wayne is a very dedicated and knowledgeable coach.  He is always creating workouts that fit the individual needs of athletes within their sport(s). His enthusiasm is infectious and when training not only have I worked my hardest but found it enjoyable.  Every athlete who enters Richardson Sport will work hard and walk out of that facility with two things, a sweat and a smile!

When training with Wayne and other athletes he has had a vested interest in each individual. I am currently playing professional football for Mansfield Town FC in League 2. When I first trained with Wayne when I was 18 he provided a positive environment for people to train and become better athletes! Training with Wayne has made me stronger, more powerful and able to reach my full athletic ability and ultimately play at a higher level.

Richardson Sport helps players to focus on improving their strength and agility as well as encouraging them to become well-rounded athletes competing at the highest possible level of fitness and intensity.

I look forward to training with Richardson Sport off season in order to keep my fitness at a peak condition before returning back to pre season training.

James Jennings

My son, Hamish 11, has been training with Wayne for the past 9 months. My reason for looking for a specific football/sprint trainer was to try and improve Hamish’s technique and, therefore, speed during matches.

In the time since we started Hamish has grown in confidence in straight out sprinting, turning and explosive speed work and running with the ball at his feet. This has been due in no small part to the excellent work he has been doing with Wayne.

Techniques and drills have always been superbly explained, made fun for an 11 year old boy and appealed to his sense of competitiveness and achievement.

I’d like to thank Wayne for what he’s done, and continues to do, for Hamish and recommend him to anybody looking to work with a professional, motivated and inspiring coach.

Simon Rimmer, Parent

Luke joined Burnley Football club in August 2012 at the age of 10. Luke was doing extremely well but in order to raise the bar higher and add an extra dimension to his game we decided to invest in some training sessions with Wayne. Wayne had been recommended to us by coaches at the club.

In 2013 we went for our initial consultation and Wayne made us all feel welcome and we instantly felt at ease. The facility at Manchester Sport City was second to none and the work ethic of the young athletes within the complex was inspirational to Luke. As a family we discussed Luke’s strengths and areas for improvement and Wayne devised a bespoke programme to stretch him and improve his overall game. As a result Luke has become quicker,more technical and physically stronger. He naturally applies his new skills to his game and has continued to make excellent progress. In March 2014 Luke signed for Wolverhampton Wanders Football Academy and is now enjoying category 1 Football. He has just been selected to represent the club in an International Football Tournament with the year above due to his ability. Wayne has without a doubt improved Luke as an athlete. Luke always enjoys his sessions and Wayne will adapt his sessions due to the amount of activity Luke has done in a week.

We are all really pleased with his progress.

Thank you Wayne!!

Mr and Mrs CundleParents

Wayne Richardson is an outstanding coach, who is enthusiastic and committed to the development of my child. His training is fun, enjoyable and challenging.

Zidane Amar

This testimonial is intended to provide an unreserved recommendation of the highly professional work of Richardson Sport.

Wayne was personally recommended to us by a member of staff at Burnley Football Club’s academy, where Nathan is currently signed to. It was noted by Burnley FC that Nathan’s running style was not correct which resulted in him being a yard off the pace.

During Nathan’s first training session with Wayne he had diagnosed the problem and began to offer solutions. At this early point we had confidence in Wayne’s ability to help Nathan and decided to commit to twice weekly sessions. Nathan’s improvement was rapid. He had begun to relax due to Wayne’s reassurance and he was running up and down the wing with ease and grace. His running had become effortless due to the technique and confidence Wayne had given him.

Both coaches and parents began to comment on Nathan’s progress. Coaches commented on Nathan’s 6 weekly review that he had begun to “accelerate with pace and power”. Parents continually praised Nathan on his performance and questioned us on what we had done to help him achieve this major improvement. We have gone on to recommend Richardson Sport to other parents in Nathan’s team. We are so pleased with the progress that we have decided to commit to further training.

In our opinion Richardson Sport seems to have filled a vital gap in the academy system. Problems with conditioning, fitness, running styles and the like are noted by academies but not rectified. This possibly results in many talented footballers being released. Wayne and his team are the plug in this gap.

It is vital but not always taught in elite sport to teach growing children the importance of stretching and flexibility. Wayne and his team have been fantastic in giving Nathan a good stretching and warm up routine that has helped Nathan avoid injury this season when so many of his team mates have suffered muscle injuries due to growth spurts.

Nathan has gone from strength to strength with Richardson Sport. Both Wayne and Tom are not just coaches to Nathan but have become good friends to all our family.

Jimmy Wright, Parent

Our son has been liaising with and attending the fitness sessions with Richardson Sport at Sportcity (Etihad Complex) in Manchester over the past year.

The sessions have utilized the support of enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaching staff. The sports fitness training sessions have all been personalised and of high quality, delivered in a way that challenges the footballer to improve, whilst being fun and easy to understand.

Training sessions are well planned and organised to meet the individual’s needs and held in a clean and well maintained fitness complex. Our son has worked with Wayne and his Fitness and Well Being Team not just in Fitness but also in his mental approach to football. He has received off -site support and regular communications with the support coaches which has resulted in our son remaining focused with clearly set and achievable goals.

We have been really pleased with the staff at Richardson Sport and the support they have given in creating better opportunities for our son.


J & B Crowley, Parents

My daughter has played football for Blackburn Rovers F.C for 6 seasons.

Kaya was due to travel to Dallas USA with the team entering the Dallas Cup. At the time her confidence was a little low due to the pressures of competition within her age group and it was also near to retrials for the coming season. She’s quite a hard one to crack and when I talked to her about her game play, thoughts and feelings she closed up, as a parent I felt frustrated and lost as to what to do. If the enjoyment was going out of the game then I felt it was time to give up, but I knew inside she just needed somebody else to get involved rather than it be me. I couldn’t have chosen a better person.

The rapport he had with her was amazing. He went out of his way to ensure the relationship was built on trust, helping her see he was there to bring out the best in her, whilst also making sure it was fun and friendly.

Wayne encouraged her mentally and spent time asking her questions and listening to her and finding out how she felt and what she felt she needed. It was a relief to me that I could take a step back and knows that someone with such professional knowledge and background was there for the both of us.

During Kaya’s time at Richardson Sport I can’t explain what it was exactly that changed her, but the change was huge. Her technique as an athlete, her agility as a player and her self-confidence went through the roof. She loved every session. She went to Dallas a different person and everybody commented on so from other parents to the coaches. The old Kaya was back. Since then she’s continued to grow and grow. Kaya got into her 6th season and her play in Dallas was untouchable. This season she’s flying and there’s just no stopping her.

We can’t thank Wayne enough. It was the best move I made and I would recommend his services to anyone in need of any mentoring and coaching and the facilities are fantastic.

Thanks Wayne.

You’re a star!

Kaya and Erika

Ethan is now on his third block of training sessions with Wayne. He started about 10 months ago through a friend who was already training with Wayne. Although he has been at a football academy since he was 8 years old we felt that he needed to develop his body physically as when you get older half the battle in a match is keep the opponent off you and to have the strength to deal with it.

Wayne started with a full assessment of his current strengths and weaknesses. He soon picked up on were improvement was needed and even the simple things about how to use your hands whilst running has helped with his speed. Ethan has started to change physically since attending Wayne’s sessions he has become stronger both physically and mentally. Wayne also helps with confidence in a match and regularly has chats with Ethan on any issues he has concerning the game.

Well done Wayne, keep up the good work.

Stephen Kershaw, Parents

Joel Logan is a local lad form Ardwick, Manchester who started his trade like any other old youngster by playing football for the school team. At 12, after playing a school match Joel was approached by one of the coaches at Fletcher Moss Rangers, a club renowned for producing grassroots talent such as Wes Brown and Danny Welbeck. In Joel’s first half season at Fletcher Moss he scored an impressive 48 goals and soon caught the attention of scouts from Bolton Wanderers, Manchester United and Manchester City, after some persuasion Joel still at the tender age of 12years old left Fletcher Moss Rangers to go and play for Bolton Wanderers as for 4 years.

Joel had a good spell at Bolton for 3 years until he broke his ankle midway through the season, which he sustained during an academy match at a time when the club as about to offer youth scholarships. This left Joel frustrated as he was out for several months and struggled to find the form which made him a regular in the team. Unfortunately Joel wasn’t offered a scholarship at Bolton but was told out of all the players who didn’t get one he would have a better chance at getting another scholarship at another club. Within a few hours of hearing the news that his stay at Bolton wasn’t going to be extended, Rochdale FC shown a key interest in him and offered him a trial.

This was an opportunity for Joel to recapture the form he had before his injury. Joel wanted to make sure he was 100% prepared both mentally and physically for his second opportunity at getting a scholarship so he was introduced to Richardson Sport, a prominent strength and conditioning based in Manchester that focuses on elite and grass root performances in a variety of sports through homing in on key elements such as science, performance analyses and psychology.

Joel worked with Richardson Sports dedicated team throughout the pre season working on key elements on his rehabilitation and making sure he made a full recovery. Richardson Sport also worked with Joel looking at improving his psychological approach to performance. These aspects were carefully examined to determine what training would facilitate on improving Joel’s overall performance. This had a significant effect on Joel as he only played 20mins of his first trial game before Rochdale’s Youth team manager offered him scholarship immediately.

Since then Joel has gone on to be a regular for the youth and reserve team in his 1st year as a scholar and this year in his second year Joel is the only player in Rochdale’s current youth team to have made a full league debut with the senior side and such big steps have resulted in interests coming from a number of other clubs.

“Richardson Sport have helped me a lot in getting me back to the form I showed at Bolton, with their help and the support of my family I am confident that I can get a pro contract and hopefully play in the premier league one day”

Joel Logan

My son Sam has had a passion for football from a very young age. Sam played for a grass roots club from the age of 6 years; he is now 13 years old. It came as no surprise that he wanted to play football professionally and he trained and played effortlessly to achieve this goal. However, we learned that it was no easy feat to be selected to train with and play for an Academy.

This is where Richardson Sport came in. I had heard that Wayne had been doing some good work supporting youths who wanted to take sport to the next level and so I arranged for my son to have 10 sessions with Wayne. Wayne and his team have supported Sam in terms of developing his physical fitness and movement. Sam had a fitness screening and he was told what he needed to work on in order to strengthen his game but develop as an athlete. The facilities used were great but it was Wayne’s support and commitment to Sam that has really impressed me the most. Wayne has not just been a physical trainer but has also been crucial in developing Sam’s self-esteem and confidence as a player and individual. He listened, advised and supported Sam when he wanted to give up football totally. Fortunately Sam persevered and he is now training and playing with the development team at Rochdale AFC.

Along with the three P’s (Prayer, Patience and Persistence) Richardson Sport has been a key factor in what I hope will be a bright future for my son.

Jo-Ann Swatson-King, Parent

Callum was a typical ex Academy player when we sought help for him from Richardson Sports, he had been recruited from an early age of 5 by Man City and then joined Wigan Athletic at the age of 8 after being released by City for mobility and general physicality issues.

Callum was then was signed by Wigan Athletic and flourished there for the next 6 years although on a couple of occasions they had raised concerns about Callum’s running style and game stamina which was something that they couldn’t address directly and we were at a loss at the time on where we could turn. We therefore sent Callum to personal trainers or sprint coaches who really didn’t have much impact as they were not trained in the disciplines for the application to Football.

Callum was released at 14 on the grounds of being too small and also the familiar concerns of speed and mobility. He then continued to use Personal Trainers and spent a couple of years in Junior Football whilst trialling with other Clubs however unfortunately struggled to get re-signed due the issues that had been highlighted through his childhood.

Callum never gave up and began playing for Warrington Town in their Youth team and also there Reserves at the age of 16, he also began representing Cheshire Schools Youth Team at 16 and grew significantly over this 2 year period and reached at height of 6ft.

Although his height and stature had overcome some of the issues raised by Wigan and other clubs in one area we still observed in games the issues around speed and general mobility.

It was then some 18 months ago that we found Wayne and Richardson Sports and after an initial Consultation meeting we decided to book block sessions with him. Wayne exuded confidence and knowledge in the area of Football Conditioning, Speed and Agility and he quickly built confidence and trust with both ourselves as parents but most importantly with Callum. From Wayne’s in depth knowledge and experience in this area and in stories and experience he demonstrated, Callum quickly gained confidence and trust in Wayne that this was something that could be addressed and improved.

Over the next few months Callum undertook a weekly program with Wayne to address the issues that had been holding him back all his childhood, we only wish we had discovered Wayne when Callum was younger. Over these months Callum grew in confidence and also began to display an improvement in his Speed, Mobility, Balance and Strength. This was also recognised by his coaches and other observers, from this he continued to thrive at Warrington and also progressed through Schoolboy trials to the last 64 for England School Boys.

Callum has never given up his dream of playing football to the best of his ability and through Wayne and Richardson Sports, he has now secured a funded Soccer Scholarship with a University in Los Angeles and has now embarked on a new adventure in the United States. There he can balance Soccer with gaining a Degree without student debt with the hopes of playing Soccer as a profession or falling back on the Degree to pursue a career in Business.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Wayne and Richardson Sports, the care and attention that has been given to Callum is second to none, they are certainly experts in their field and know exactly what is required to deliver personal programs specific to individual player needs. Wayne is a true gentlemen, a great Professional and I would trust him implicitly. As stated earlier, we only wish we had found Richardson Sports earlier!

Stuart Wallace, Parent

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you Wayne and his team at Richardson sports for all the training and support they have provided to my son. This personalised training program has had a positive impact on him both on and off the field.

I would encourage all parents to consider using Wayne and the team to progress their child’s all round athletic ability.

Thanks again for everything!

Naseem Yasin, Parent

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