The time we spend with our clients is vital to their development on and off the ‘pitch’. We offer a full service to our clients, allowing them to get the support they need for every part of their sporting journey.


I first became aware of Wayne’s sessions about 4 years ago when my son’s grassroots football club started weekly group sessions when Wayne was based at the Manchester Regional Arena. Having seen videos of the team attending, I was keen for my son to join in but unfortunately the sessions clashed with his training for another team. Fast forward a year and a change of days for the team sessions allowed my son to join in with his teammates.

After his first group session he came out full of enthusiasm and has continued with the sessions ever since, mainly on a 121 basis, working with both Wayne and Andy. I would highly recommend looking into your child training with Richardson Sport either on a 121 basis or in a small group as attending Wayne and Andy’s sessions has not only increased my son’s fitness, but the sessions are fun and help build confidence in children.

Mr Rodrigues, Parent

Wayne was so understanding and knowledgeable, but what impressed me the most was the manner in which he formed such an early positive relationship with Saul. Wayne has genuine likeability factors anyway, but he is not merely a very effective listener and fitness/conditioning coach, he breeds confidence in his client in a way I have never witnessed elsewhere.

Mr Milovanovic, Parent

In our opinion, Richardson Sport seems to have filled a vital gap in the academy system. Problems with conditioning, fitness, running styles and the like are noted by academies, but not rectified. This possibly results in many talented footballers being released. Wayne and his team are the plug in this gap.

Mr Wright, Parent

We were first referred to Wayne by BWFC as they have had previous players who trained with Richardson Sport and value the coaching given very highly. Wayne is not only a coach to Fin but also a friend and a mentor who has offered Fin guidance with his football, school and personal life.

Since working with Wayne, we have seen massive improvements in Finlay’s football, his athletic ability and his strength but more importantly his confidence and his attitude both to sport and general life.

I would recommend Wayne to anyone and feel as though Bolton putting us in touch with Wayne is the best thing that could’ve happened to Fin.

Thanks for everything you have done Wayne we look forward to continuing Finlay’s journey with you.

Mr Lockett, Parent

As a footballer I’ve always lacked the basic athletic skills. Wayne has developed me considerably  with my flexibility and running mechanics which has improved my mobility on the pitch. Wayne Knowledge within the football sector made me realise there was a lot more to being a better footballer aside from just being good with the ball. Unlike most other fitness coaches he goes above and beyond for his clients and is always approachable and has time for you.  I struggle with confidence at times so he’s also been a mentor for me that way and coached me mentally. I’m also not the biggest player so strengthening wise he’s improved me dramatically teaching me how to use my body well against taller defenders. The level of professionalism and technical detail is at the highest level. Richardson sport provides such a  high intensity environment to work in and wayne makes it enjoyable yet challenging to push you to your maximal. I can’t thank Wayne enough for his work with me over the past couple years.

Jess Battle, Stockport County Ladies Player

Since we started to work with Wayne 6 years ago our collaboration has gone from strength to strength

We first worked with Wayne when he came into the club and did a taster session for one of our junior teams, this lead to a group of the players working with Wayne in a small group for a number of months, after each session the players couldn’t wait to return for the next one. Following the success of this group, a number of club players have worked on a 121 basis with Wayne whilst they have been at Curzon Ashton and continued working with Wayne when they moved on into academies. Wayne also worked with our under 17s & 18s on a weekly basis for 2 seasons, this work really helped with the team’s success.

Wayne’s approach to his work and demonstration of his passion for player development is second to none, that’s why Wayne and the RS team continue to be a part of our Club helping the Junior and Youth Teams and will be for many seasons to come.

Steve Gemmell, Curzon Ashton Juniors Secretary and Coach      May 2021

Just a quick email to say thanks for the phone call the other day and the professional hand-over of Odion Ighalo. It was beneficial he got some training in and with the clear handover of information we are able to programme accordingly moving forwards.

Thanks again,

Charlie Owen YDP Athletic Development Coach, Manchester United Feb 2020 

Since collaborating with Wayne three seasons ago, we as an Academy have never looked back.

Initially this was to offer our Academy Graduates links to external organisations who could support their transition, but it has become much more than that. Which is testament to Wayne’s approach to his work and demonstration of his passion in player development.

He has proven his knowledge in a number of presentations to our U18’s in the main. In addition, been receptive to ideas we have had on how to continually improve and how he can play a part in these plans. Furthermore, adding value to Academy Players in our YDP and PDP, focusing on preparation for their Apprenticeship and assisting in the rehabilitation programme of an Academy Graduate during his time in the U18’s.

Wayne continues to be a part of our Academy and will be integral in our Transition Programme next season and for many seasons to come.

Lee Wood, Head of Education, Bolton Wanderers FC

I will be leaving my successful amateur playing career behind me in the next few weeks and beginning my professional golfing career.

I feel that I can attribute my recent wins in part – a big part – to all the support, help and motivation that Wayne and everyone at Richardson Support has given me over that last few years, and will hopefully continue to provide in the years to come.

I leave my amateur career having played for England Boys’, right through to England Men’s Golf Squads, doing really well in Men’s competitions, including the Lytham Trophy, the British Amateur and winning the Lancashire Men’s title. As well as winning the prestigious Peter McEvoy Trophy, and the English Boys’ Strokeplay Championship. I have also been the top English player in the European Team Championships and I have been on the winning side for that, and the Boys’ home internationals.

I give a massive amount of credit to Richardson Sport and hope they can continue to support me in my professional career.

Haydn McCullen, Golf Professional

I have known Wayne Richardson for over 12 years through his involvement with the English National Lacrosse team. Wayne was our fitness and conditioning coach for the European Championships in 2004 and the World Championships in 2006.

Wayne has a wide range of attributes that made him ideally suited to this role which includes his technical knowledge, inventive session design and a keen natural eye for the specific development needs of an athlete in Lacrosse. Wayne also has a tremendously enthusiastic and motivational character, which means that his sessions are always very enjoyable as well as challenging.

More recently, Wayne worked with me personally as I pursued a position with the England team for the 2010 World Championships. While I always dedicated myself to strength and conditioning, I felt that I needed help to drive my athletic development forward. So, through my previous experience with Wayne, I approached him for assistance. We spent approximately four months preparing for one of the key steps in the team selection process, a seven-day tour to the USA, in which we played against five NCAA first division Lacrosse colleges.

In order to successfully compete with the best Lacrosse players with the USA (playing population of over 2 million), we worked together on a power development programme. This was designed specifically to address my needs and complement my existing strength and conditioning. We spent two sessions discussing the aim and objectives specifically for my specialist position in Lacrosse, called the face-off. It is a role which requires a combination of explosive power and physical toughness.

The four-month programme, for me, was an education from start to finish. We began with a tailored approach to power development focussing on sprinting technique, resistance training and physical conditioning. The benefits to my game (physically and mentally) were immediate and progressed at a very encouraging rate. I worked at two to four sessions per week with Wayne, with a mix between development and active recovery. I was selected for the the USA tour to play for Team England and had a very successful tour. From an athletic point of view I felt very well prepared and through my performances proved to be competitive at an age of 33, playing against semi-professional athletes of 18-22 years of age.

I was selected in the final Team England squad for the 2010 World Championships and I believe Wayne was instrumental in my development and successful performances during the selection process itself.

Alistair Wallace, Lacrosse International Athlete

If it wasn’t for your guidance, support and intense training I don’t think I’d be where I am today. Thank you

Tobey Barnfield-Lee, Rugby Player

Wayne always provides an informative, educational and insightful sessions with our students. He uses his personal life experience and positive outlook to reach out to every one of our students to inspire and educate them on their journey of either further studies or employment. His charisma and passion always make sessions fun and engaging for our student

Bradley Senar, The City of Liverpool College

Appealing and being able to build respect and admiration from teenagers is no mean feat. Wayne draws on his whole life experience to deliver his own brand of magical inspiration.

Nicola Doward, Head of School , Stretford High School

Wayne was the one that constantly told me I’m worth more than what I thought, which to someone who suffers from mental health and insecurity issues, is amazing when you hear this from someone so sincere. He is genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with”.

Adam Heywood , MSc, BA (hons), Strength and Conditioning Coach

Wayne has not only improved my overall strength, mobility, flexibility, explosiveness, and balance, but more importantly, he is someone that I can always trust to have an open conversation with. His experience in the football industry is priceless and his approach to helping young players is fantastic. Personally, Wayne has helped me get through difficult spells throughout the season by being willing to listen to me and giving me advice on things I can be doing. His dedication to improving my physical football qualities and his willingness to have an open relationship with me drastically helped me succeed in my two years at Salford. I will always be thankful for the effort and time Wayne spent with me and I would highly recommend him to any young player.

Hayden Evans – Salford City FC Goalkeeper May 2021

Hey, Wayne just wanted to thank you so much for all the work and time you’ve invested into me, you’ve changed me from a bog-standard player to an athlete where I can compete with lads 4 years older than me, I appreciate all the extra things you’ve done with me like giving me chances to train with pros and train like a pro it’s really helped me and I couldn’t have done all this without you.

Tommy McDermott on signing Scholarship forms at Port Vale FC April 2021

Through the years my experiences with Wayne Richardson I have developed greatly. I first came to Wayne when I was low in confidence and was not the athlete I aspired to be. As I struggled with my rapid growth, which then affected my performance.

After working with Wayne over the years I became stronger, faster and fitter. He encouraged me and provided the help I needed to progress further in my career, but always to remain humble.

I consider myself privileged to be one of Wayne’s first young footballers/athlete to train with him from the age of 12.

Now in 2019, I have signed my two-year scholarship with Stockport County. I am now more confident than ever on and off the pitch.

I can now say, I hold my chest high with a smile and I am enjoying my football. Thanks to Wayne Richardson. #Richardsonsport #TMF

Theo Marcel Farquharson, Footballer

It was inspiring to see the love and care you have for each individual you have worked with, and the unconventional route you took to get where you are now.

Despite the great pieces of information on sports science, I often struggle to relate to a lot of the guests. It’s great to be able to see myself in someone in the industry.

Thank you for being so open and sharing your journey today.

God bless you,

Middlesex University ( student ) 12th April 2021

Wayne came into University Academy 92 as part of our Guest Lecture Series. As an aspiring coach myself, this was a great opportunity to listen and learn from a great coach with a wealth of experience.

The final words of wisdom were how we should ‘not just aspire to make a living but aspire to make a difference. I totally agree and this is part of the difference of what makes a good coach into a great one.

Reegan Russell, Student @ UA ’92, April 2020

Wayne has been working with Josh for a couple of years. Initially for fitness and then to help with other issues Josh was experiencing, due to his difficult background. Following discussions with school regarding Josh’s behaviour problems and depression, it was suggested that a mentor may help. Knowing Wayne well, he was the first person we thought of. Wayne built a relationship with Josh and became not just his trainer, but his mentor and friend. Someone Josh felt confident to talk to.

Whilst working on his fitness, which was individually tailored to Josh’s interests, Wayne worked on Josh’s behaviour problems, confidence and issues with body image. Without realising it, Josh was working not only on his fitness but also his mental health and wellbeing.

Since working with Wayne Josh has shown massive improvements, both at home and school. Josh’s self-worth and confidence have grown. His concentration, behaviour and application, at school, has been recognised and praised, leading to improved work and grades.

Wayne has given Josh guidance about choices in life and on how to make the right ones. He has taught him to have self-belief and now Josh is positively thoughtful of his dreams and aspirations for the future.

Phil, Parent

Wayne was the one that constantly told me I’m worth more than what I thought, which to someone who suffers from mental health and insecurity issues, is amazing when you hear this from someone so sincere. He is genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with”.

Adam Heywood , MSc, BA (hons), Strength and Conditioning Coach

I first contacted Wayne to ask what it takes to build a successful business in the world of elite sports coaching. Rather than texting back a list of Do’s and Don’ts, he invited me into the performance centre to learn more about me, my current situation, and what he could do to help. From the outset, he was welcoming, generous, and trusting. Little did I know that this initial 30-minute meeting would develop into a three-year coaching internship with Richardson Sport.

Over the course of three years, I was given the freedom to plan and deliver my own athletic development sessions to regular 1-2-1 clients and teams; the whole time receiving developmental feedback from Wayne. Alongside the practical coaching, I conducted initial consultations, delivered presentations, and developed valuable networking skills. I quickly learned that when building a business in coaching, clients don’t just invest in your product, they invest in YOU. Wayne’s guidance and support have been invaluable to my development as a coach. The insight I gained into his business truly helped answer my question of what it takes to be successful.

Andrew Sutcliffe,

I approached Wayne after being released by my first pro club at the age of 14, obviously a time of huge disappointment and turmoil. Wayne steadied the ship and quickly helped me regain my confidence which was essential to show my best as I looked for a new club. Ultimately, the work we did allowed me to join my preferred club and continue my journey.

Working with Wayne has proven to be the catalyst for a positive change to my overall approach to football and the partnership has continued. I now work with Wayne in a more proactive way to acheive my goals, realise my potential and be at the top of my game, this comes in the shape of pre-season readiness, physical improvements and where necessary rehabilitation, but also as a mentor and source of sound and honest advice.

On a personal level, Wayne is so humble and approachable it is easy to forget that you’re dealing with someone who is at the top of their profession and capable of making the most meaningful of difference, that actually stretch beyond the pitch.

Joe Anderson

Everton FC


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