Our Venues

Our high-performance sport environments

Richardson Sport proudly works out of the National Taekwondo Centre at Ten Acres Lane Sports Complex  Manchester, which is a world-class facility and home to the nation’s GB Taekwondo Team.

Working with us from this centre means you or your child will train in a most inspiring environment, away from the hustle and bustle of other commercially run facilities.

Often, it’s just us and the athlete, meaning they can learn and grow in complete confidence, with no peers around to put them off asking what they may think of as a ‘stupid question’, or worry that they’ll be made fun of if they can’t yet do what they are being asked to do – there are no stupid questions on our watch, just learning opportunities for the taking.

The complex also benefits from having 3G Astro Pitches on site, which we can book to provide sessions from (booking fees apply).


Manchester Institute of Health and Performance

Pitch based conditioning sessions

Pitch based sessions can be booked on either 3G at Ten Acres Lane or on Grass at Sportcity.

1-2-1 Development


UNDERSTANDING: A better understanding of the academy setup and what your coaches are looking for
CONFIDENCE: Increased confidence and awareness of personal behavior in the academy environment
KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge of how to consistently train and compete at the highest level
IMPROVEMENTS: Improved athletic ability and overall fitness specifically for football



Athletes in all sports and at all levels want to win. But winning takes determination, confidence, technical ability and above all, fitness. At Richardson Sport, we treat mindset and training with equal importance.  Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, we can transform you into a winner.

Having access to professional football fitness coaching in top-class facilities is vital to the development of players, both young and old. Our Open Classes and club/team/group sessions are aimed at improving key performance indicators for every pitch position in football. We explore disciplines such as competent body control in all directions, safe jumping and landing, power-developing ballistic movements such as medicine ball work and joint stabilising/strengthening work, to help keep you injury free.

A healthy, fit athlete is more likely to recover from any degree of injury quicker than if they were out of condition.

We also look at correct technical models for sprinting and plyometric work which, if performed correctly, will have a direct influence on speed development.

For clubs/teams/groups we can provide one-off sessions or a programme of sessions.


Mentoring & Support

We offer a tailored, holistic approach

Talking to athletes or their parents about, and working through, any concerns is an important part of our service. This sports mentoring is not just about an athlete’s progress within the physical training sessions, but the wider wellbeing impact too.

Having access to a mentor who has a deep understanding of the athlete’s journey plays a pivotal part in enabling the athlete to reach their desired goal. We might not always be able to talk straight after the session, so we may ask you to book a telephone or face-to-face consultation.


AmandaParent of Academy Player

Thank you, Wayne, for the continued support with Ewan’s sports performance. Your coaching has played a huge part in progressing Ewan’s strength, speed and fitness, so much so that he has been offered a further 2-year contract with a Rochdale Academy. Your sessions push him mentally and physically and he looks forward to getting back to the sessions.

Gary LaverickParent to Academy Player

I couldn't speak more highly of Wayne and the team at Richardson Sport. Not only is he a fantastic coach but a great mentor. He is really passionate about his students and takes time to understand what drives them to make a better athlete. Thank you Wayne and Richardson Sport

StacyParent of Academy Player

My daughter has just started a course of sessions with Wayne, she found the first session really useful. Her exact words were, ‘that you've connected a lot of dots’. She has always been a child that is eager to learn and be the best she can be. So she is really looking forward to working with you and can already see the benefit that you will bring to her football. Thank you.

AdamParent or Academy Player

My son has really enjoyed his sessions at Richardson sport, He has felt very welcome and treated as an athlete, I would like to thank Wayne, Andy and Emma for all there support, for ensuring that his progress and happiness have been central to his achievements.
Since attending Richardson in the last eight months he results have been outstanding." In strength, speed, awareness, and attitude.

RobParent of Academy Player

My son spent around 10 weeks working with Wayne in his football athletic development sessions & loved it. He’s never been blessed with pace but Wayne taught him techniques that gave him the boost that he needed.