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We’ve helped athletes across a wide range of Sports develop their athletic skills and mindset: as well as educating on subjects such as nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Our experience extends to Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Golf, Lacrosse, MMA, Rugby, Tennis and Trekking.

Pre Season is often a time of year when preparing to return to club training and the beginning of a new season is a crucial time of year. Richardson Sport is able to cater to individuals or clubs who require a programme of sessions to optimise their athletic performance ready for club training.


I have known Wayne Richardson for 12 years through his involvement with the English national Lacrosse team. Wayne was our fitness and conditioning coach for the European Championships in 2004 and the World Championships in 2006.

Wayne has a wide range of attributes that made him ideally suited to this role which include his technical knowledge, inventive session design and keen naturally eye for the specific development needs of an athlete in Lacrosse.

Wayne also has a tremendously enthusiastic and motivational character which means that his sessions are always very enjoyable as well as challenging.

More recently, Wayne worked with me personally as I pursued a position with the the England team for the 2010 World Championships. While I always dedicated myself to strength and conditioning I felt that I needed help to drive my athletic development forward so through my previous experience with Wayne, approached him for assistance. We spent approximately 4 months preparing for one of the key steps in the team selection process, a 7 day tour to the USA in which we played against 5 NCAA first division Lacrosse colleges. In order to successfully compete with the best Lacrosse players with the the USA (playing population of over 2 million), we worked together on a power development programme which was designed specifically to address my needs and complement my existing strength and conditioning. We spent 2 sessions discussing the aim and objectives specifically for my specialist position in Lacrosse, called the face-off. It is a role which requires a combination of explosive power and physical toughness.

The 4 month programme, for me, was an education from start to finish. We began with a tailored approach to power development focussing on sprinting technique, resistance training and physical conditioning. The benefits to my game (physically and mentally) were immediate and progressed at a very encouraging rate. I worked at 2-4 session/week with Wayne, with a mix between development and active recovery. I was selected for the the USA tour to play for Team England and had a very successful tour. From an athletic point of view I felt very well prepared and through my performances proved to be competitive at an age of 33, playing against semi-professional athletes of 18-22 years of age.

I was selected in the final Team England squad for the 2010 World Championships and I believe Wayne was instrumental in my development and successful performances during the selection process itself.

Alistair Wallace, Lacrosse International Athlete

To Wayne and all the amazing staff at Richardson Sport.

I will be leaving my successful amateur playing career behind me in the next few weeks and beginning my professional golfing career.

I have had some near misses over the years, but feel that I can attribute my recent wins in part, a big part to all the support help and motivation that Wayne and everyone at Richardson Support have given me over that last few years, and hopefully in the years to come.

I leave my amateur career having played for England boys right through to England Men’s Golf Squads, doing really well in Men’s completions: the Lytham Trophy, the British Amateur and winning the Lancashire Men’s title, as well as winning the prestigious Peter McEvoy Trophy, and the English Boys Strokeplay Championship. As well as having been the top English player in the European Team Championships and being on the winning side for that and the Boys home internationals.

I give a massive amount of credit to Richardson Sport and hope they can continue to support me in my professional career.

See you guys soon. Haydn

Haydn McCullen, Golf Professional

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