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Jordan Fagbola

Performance Nutritionist

Jordan Fagbola is a SENr (Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register) registered performance nutritionist with a first-class honour’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a master’s degree in Sport Nutrition. As well as this, Jordan has had a career as a footballer, in both the professional and semi-professional game for over a decade. This allows Jordan a unique perspective as a performance nutritionist with both a scientific background and insight into an athlete’s lifestyle and habits. Jordan has previously worked with Manchester Giants Basketball Club, England Water Polo, England Touch Rugby and City of Manchester Aquatic Swim Team in addition to advising a range of individual athletes from a range of sports. Jordan is a UKAD Clean Sport Advisor and stays up to date with the current literature to employ these techniques with his clients. Jordan has a passion for aiding clients to optimise their performance through nutrition. This can be done by translating the current research into digestible and actionable points that clients can take advantage of and add to their daily and weekly routines.