Workshops and Speaking Gigs

We should not just aspire to make a living, but aspire to make a difference


"Wayne always provides an informative, educational and insightful sessions with our students"

Wayne provides presentations and workshops designed to tie in with your course syllabus and or your desired outcomes, where he talks candidly about his time with clubs and players throughout the leagues, from Manchester City FC through to non-league Droylsden FC.

During Workshops and talks, Wayne brings to life his journey of how he got started as a coach and provides tips and insights that will resonate with students pursuing a career as a professional player or as part of a back-room team.  Wayne is sometimes joined by guest athletes and players (retired and current) and he is always happy to answer questions.

Workshops/Talks can be held online, on-site or students can visit us at The National Taekwondo Centre, Manchester, where we are based.

Some of the Education settings and Companies Wayne's worked with



From £875
  • Full-day on-site
  • 2 x Presentations
  • 2 x Workshops/Practical Session
  • Includes content design

League 1

From £550.00
  • 1/2 day on-site
  • 1 x Presentation
  • 1 x Workshop/Practical
  • Includes content design
  • Upgrade to visit us at our home venue

League 2

From £350
  • Up to 2-hour duration
  • Online Presentation
  • Includes breaks
  • Delivery via Teams/Zoom
  • Includes content design



    "Wayne draws on his whole life experience to deliver his own brand of magical inspiration"

    For High Schools and PRU’s, we offer Motivational & Inspirational Talks/Presentations and Programs as well as a  Physical Activity resource.

    Through the Pupil Premium allowance, Wayne and colleagues work with Looked After Children and pupils with special education needs on specifically designed programs, either 1-2-1 on our Move & Talk programs or in small groups.

    Availability for these projects is limited to delivery from September to March. Read more about Wayne to understand where he gained his skills in this area of our work.

    Group Projects take place at your School or PRU. The students we work with generally have an interest in sport and fitness and like the idea of working in the industry in some capacity. Our programs seek to bring to life the type of roles that exist in Sport and Fitness and help children to understand what’s involved and what steps they may need to take to be successful in the industry.

    Our 1-2-1 Move & Talk programs combine Fitness with Mentoring and are aimed at students who require the assistance of a mentor but don’t like to ‘just sit and talk’ students may also need to work on their own personal fitness as an intervention to improve aspects of their well-being such as confidence, lack of self-worth and motivation. These programmes are delivered one-on-one outside of school hours at our home venue: The National Taekwondo Centre Manchester.


    Bradley SenarCity of Liverpool College

    Wayne always provides an informative, educational and insightful sessions with our students. He uses his personal life experience and positive outlook to reach out to every one of our students to inspire and educate them on their journey of either further studies or employment. His charisma and passion always make sessions fun and engaging for our students.

    Regan RussellStudent @ UA'92

    Wayne came into University Academy 92 as part of our Guest Lecture Series. As an aspiring coach myself, this was a great opportunity to listen and learn from a great coach with a wealth of experience.

    The final words of wisdom were how we should ‘not just aspire to make a living but aspire to make a difference’. I totally agree and this is part of the difference of what makes a good coach into a great one.


    Wayne has been working with Josh for a couple of years. Initially for fitness and then to help with other issues Josh was experiencing, due to his difficult background. Following discussions with school regarding Josh’s behaviour problems and depression, it was suggested that a mentor may help. Knowing Wayne well, he was the first person we thought of. Wayne built a relationship with Josh and became not just his trainer, but his mentor and friend. Someone Josh felt confident to talk to.

    Whilst working on his fitness, which was individually tailored to Josh’s interests, Wayne worked on Josh’s behaviour problems, confidence and issues with body image. Without realising it, Josh was working not only on his fitness but also his mental health and wellbeing.

    Since working with Wayne Josh has shown massive improvements, both at home and school. Josh’s self-worth and confidence have grown. His concentration, behaviour and application, at school, has been recognised and praised, leading to improved work and grades.

    Wayne has given Josh guidance about choices in life and on how to make the right ones. He has taught him to have self-belief and now Josh is positively thoughtful of his dreams and aspirations for the future.

    Nicola DowardHead of School Stretford High

    Appealing and being able to build respect and admiration from teenagers is no mean feat. Wayne draws on his whole life experience to deliver his own brand of magical inspiration.