Provides a range of services to professional and aspiring athletes, to help you to continue to make gains and  stay on-track wherever your journey takes you.

Online Coaching

Monthly rolling 1-1 Coaching  £250 per month

Work with Wayne through-out the season let us help keep your performance on track. Whether you need to supplement what you’re doing at your club or you’re unable to get to us for in person sessions because you’re now playing abroad or in the south of the country our online coaching can bridge that gap.

If you’ve work with me before you’ll know how fanatical I am about sport performance and  how that transcends in to my sessions, with online it’s the same but remote. In practice, we’ll be batting voice messages and video’s back and forth and at the end of the month we’ll have a proper catch up.

Our online coaching can be supplemented with live online sessions if you like, all you have to do is book them in the usual way.

What’s included:

  • A 30-minute call/video call to plan your programme.
  • Individualised training programme specific to your current needs/injuries
  • Send me form video’s for review as well as any questions you have.
  •  Weekly check-ins to monitor progress where you’ll receive a voice message from Wayne talking through your week
  • On hand contact direct with Wayne when you need him via WhatsApp, 24 hour response time (often sooner).

Fitness Tests

From:  £250.00
Duration:  One-hour session

A one-hour fitness test is designed to test your athletic ability to give you an understanding of where you are ‘right now’.

You will receive a written report, plus a 30-minute follow-up call/meeting to discuss the findings and advice on your next steps.


  • Our Fitness tests are undertaken by a qualified coaches
  • Written report within 7-10 days of the test being completed
  • A 30-minute face-to-face meeting or call to discuss the results and talk you through our findings
  • Advice on next steps


From:  £300.00

Written report within 7-10 days

A professional review of your game, video accessed via your personal Hudl/Wyscout account.

You will receive a written report, plus a 30-minute follow-up call/meeting to discuss the findings and advice on your next steps.


Lets chat


The services are provided by Jordan Fagbola 

How it works

Jordan provides an evidence-based and practical approach to the service to support you in your sporting journey.

The service is provided either in-person or via video call.


Complete the form to get started.


Foundation package

£150 p/m
  • Initial consultation to discuss current routine and goals
  • Fortnightly consultation and accountability via WhatsApp/Call
  • Nutrition planned for training days, rest days and competition/ game days
  • Monthly review (in-person or video call)

Premium package

  • Initial consultation
  • Weekly in person or via video call (location and schedule dependent)
  • Meals mapped out to support your weekly schedule
  • Unlimited WhatsApp support
  • Fuelling and Recovery strategies for training and competition/games
  • Food shop assistance and advice
  • Injury nutrition to support recovery and maintain body composition (if required)
  • Supplement batch certificate storage for anti-doping (if required)

Assessment Session

Price:  £200
Duration:  One-hour session with video to capture key movements


  • A 30-minute face-to-face meeting or call to discuss the results and talk you through our findings
  • Latest video-capture software used before and during the session to help you see what we see
  • Access to the video clips taken during the session for you to download and keep

The Assessment Session is the starting point for all new aspiring athletes, whether they are transitioning from grassroots to academy football, or on the verge of gaining a scholarship and want to gain an extra edge.

You and your athlete may not be ready for a full S&C Test and just want our advice and some direction on their current athletic capabilities, the assessment is ideal for identifying strengths and weaknesses, and what the individual needs to work on to make progress.

There is no obligation following the assessment to buy a training package.


AmandaParent of Academy Player

Thank you, Wayne, for the continued support with Ewan’s sports performance. Your coaching has played a huge part in progressing Ewan’s strength, speed and fitness, so much so that he has been offered a further 2-year contract with a Rochdale Academy. Your sessions push him mentally and physically and he looks forward to getting back to the sessions.

Gary LaverickParent to Academy Player

I couldn't speak more highly of Wayne and the team at Richardson Sport. Not only is he a fantastic coach but a great mentor. He is really passionate about his students and takes time to understand what drives them to make a better athlete. Thank you Wayne and Richardson Sport

StacyParent of Academy Player

My daughter has just started a course of sessions with Wayne, she found the first session really useful. Her exact words were, ‘that you've connected a lot of dots’. She has always been a child that is eager to learn and be the best she can be. So she is really looking forward to working with you and can already see the benefit that you will bring to her football. Thank you.

AdamParent or Academy Player

My son has really enjoyed his sessions at Richardson sport, He has felt very welcome and treated as an athlete, I would like to thank Wayne, Andy and Emma for all there support, for ensuring that his progress and happiness have been central to his achievements.
Since attending Richardson in the last eight months he results have been outstanding." In strength, speed, awareness, and attitude.

RobParent of Academy Player

My son spent around 10 weeks working with Wayne in his football athletic development sessions & loved it. He’s never been blessed with pace but Wayne taught him techniques that gave him the boost that he needed.