our story 

Richardson Sport was founded by Wayne Richardson and Emma Hughes in June 2010.

Wayne was obsessed with Football and Sport from a very young age, and played for many clubs and teams across the North West. Through wanting to be the best player he could be, he developed a passion for health and fitness.

As a youngster, Wayne grew up in Moss Side – an inner-city suburb of Manchester – life in 1980’s Moss Side was tough. Wayne was 1 of 8 siblings in a single parent household, and learned early on that he would have to work hard to have the things in life he wanted (important things like Nike trainers & clothing, if you know Wayne, you’ll know!)

As a teenager, Wayne witnessed many young men choose the wrong path: opting for a life of crime, often paying for their involvement through death or prison.

As a young man Wayne worked in Education as a Mentor at Cheadle & Marple College, where he developed his passion and skills for helping teens with all manner of issues; later he progressed into Youth Service work, undertaking roles and assignments for both the Home Office and Manchester City Council, activating projects that sought to affect the negative impacts of Gang crime.

Wayne had a dream though and that was to help athletes and footballers be their absolute best. Wayne’s break in Football Fitness came whilst he was working for an organisation called New Life Fitness who provided Fitness Coaches to Clubs before Sports Science became a mandatory requirement in clubs.

Wayne was coaching at Manchester City Football Club in 1998 when Joe Royle was the Manager, Mr Royle turned to Wayne and said: “ You can do the warm-up Wayne, the lads like you”.

Today, Richardson Sport is based at the GB Taekwondo National Performance Centre in Manchester. We have assembled a highly skilled and experienced team of athletic development, fitness and performance coaches, nutritionists, sports analysts and psychologists, physiotherapists and sports mentors.

It is our aim to deliver bespoke support packages that help athletes of all age and ability, professional and amateur, across a range of sports, reach their full potential be that through attending our individual programs or classes or through our work in Education, Youth and Community.


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