1-2-1 coaching U18’s


The best possible football fitness coaching for your child…working their way towards professional level.



Preparing for or adjusting to playing Academy Football can be difficult.

Richardson Sport help the next generation of players and their parents get to grips with the demands that come with being in an academy or aspiring to be in an academy and working towards gaining that first pro contract.



In the absence of any reports from your club, your journey with us will start with an Assessment session.

We will take you through a variety of exercises and drills (movement screens) to assess your athletic capabilities, all captured using the latest video software to help you see what we see in you.

You’ll be able to download and keep the video clips to watch whenever you like, you’ll receive our feedback verbally following the session and in writing within 10-14 days.



A better understanding of the academy setup and what your coaches are looking for


Increased confidence and awareness of personal behaviour in the academy environment


Knowledge of how to consistently train and compete at the highest level


Improved athletic ability and overall fitness specifically for football


Our High-Performance Sport Environment

Richardson Sport proudly works out of the National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester which is a world class facility and home to the nation’s GB Taekwondo Team.

Working with us from this centre means your child will train in a most inspiring environment, away from the hustle and bustle of other commercially run facilities you’ll see.

Often, it’s just us and the athlete, meaning they can learn and grow in complete confidence with no peers around to put them off asking what they may think of as a ‘stupid question’ or worry that they’ll be made fun of if they can’t yet do what they are being asked to do– there are no stupid questions on our watch – just learning opportunities for the taking.

And because your athlete may be on their own with us, we ask you to stay and watch, there’s WIFI and a drinks machine so you can catch up on a bit of work too if you need to.

Who knows you may even meet one of the Olympians!


Wayne was so understanding and knowledgeable, but what impressed me the most was the manner in which he formed such an early positive relationship with Saul.

Wayne has genuine likeability factors anyway, but he is not merely a very effective listener and fitness/ conditioning coach, he breeds confidence in his client in a way I have never witnessed elsewhere.

In our opinion, Richardson Sport seems to have filled a vital gap in the academy system.

Problems with conditioning, fitness, running styles and the like are noted by academies, but not rectified.

This possibly results in many talented footballers being released. Wayne and his team are the plug in this gap.

We were first referred to Wayne by BWFC as they have had previous players who trained with Richardson Sport and value the coaching given very highly. Wayne is not only a coach to Fin but also a friend and a mentor who has offered Fin guidance with his football, school and personal life.

Since working with Wayne, we have seen massive improvements in Finlay’s football, his athletic ability and his strength but more importantly his confidence and his attitude both to sport and general life.

I would recommend Wayne to anyone and feel as though Bolton putting us in touch with Wayne is the best thing that could’ve happened to Fin.

Thanks for everything you have done Wayne we look forward to continuing Finlay’s journey with you.

I first became aware of Wayne’s sessions about 4 years ago when my son’s grassroots football club started weekly group sessions when Wayne was based at the Manchester Regional Arena. Having seen videos of the team attending, I was keen for my son to join in but unfortunately the sessions clashed with his training for another team. Fast forward a year and a change of days for the team sessions allowed my son to join in with his teammates.

After his first group session he came out full of enthusiasm and has continued with the sessions ever since, mainly on a 1 to 1 basis, working with both Wayne and Andy. I would highly recommend looking into your child training with Richardson Sport either on a 1 to 1 basis or in a small group as attending Wayne and Andy’s sessions has not only increased my son’s fitness, but the sessions are fun and help build confidence in children.




47 sessions
20% initial deposit
+ 11 x £213.81 monthly payments



39 sessions
20% initial deposit
+ 8 x £180.00 monthly payments



26 sessions
20% initial deposit
+ 5 x £192.00 monthly payments



13 sessions
3 x £200.00
monthly payments


Our Championship, Premiership, and League 1 packages include the following support:


Sports Mentoring of the athlete or parent – talking about and working through any concerns the parent has about their child’s progress outside of the physical training sessions. We might not be able to talk straight away, and may ask you to book a telephone or face to face consultation.


Game attendance – during the season, we’ll get out to watch you in games so we can see first-hand how our coaching is translating on the pitch. Once fixtures are known, please send them over to us, and we’ll put plans in place to be at some of your game.


The above packages provide one session per week for the duration of the package.

However, during the Off Season, some athletes choose to use some of their sessions intensively over a short period of time (usually during the school holidays) and in the lead up to returning to their respective clubs in order to ensure they #GoBackReady

Please note you may be asked to adjust your payments to keep them on track with usage if you opt to use some of the sessions in the way described above.

There is the opportunity (availability permitting) to use some of the sessions to work on the players foot work and finishing skills outside on the 3G Astro Pitches.

These sessions must be booked in advance and will be charged for separately.


Please note that 24 hours notice to cancel a pre-booked session is required. Other T&Cs do apply (sent separately via email at the time of your booking).  Your session will be marked  as “DID NOT SHOW” when less than 24 hours notice is received, and the session is classed as spent.

If you want to sign up for one of our 1-2-1 Coaching Packages, you must arrange your Fitness Test or Assessment Session via a Discovery Call using the button below. Thank you.


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