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At Richardson Sport we believe that every athlete has the right to be supported in becoming the best they can. We offer support with elite level fitness coaching, conditioning, and mentoring. Our vision is to provide a gold standard platform for athletes of all ages and levels to create their own futures and help them forge a pathway towards self-fulfilment, achievement and success.

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Meet Wayne Richardson and the team, who help athletes of all ages reach their peak levels of fitness.

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If you want to realise your physical and mental fitness potential and learn how to prevent injuries, get in touch with our team to talk about your goals.

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We offer an array of different coaching and mentoring packages, including Youth Programmes, that draw on Wayne’s wealth of experience working with athletes, and youths for schools and local government.

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Fitness for Football offers our clients the best possible football fitness coaching for their child. We nurture natural talent as they work towards professional level, with a holistic approach to wellbeing and the demands that football academies place on young shoulders. Now more than ever young people must be prepared for a range of mental and physical challenges that are all part of the modern game.


Our sessions for teams introduce kids and teenagers to a range of activities that will improve strength, coordination and running mechanics, which results in faster sprint speed and help them try to stay injury-free. We also focus on general athletic development, by enhancing all components of physical fitness in a balanced manner.


Our one-hour fitness assessment is designed to test your athletic ability to give you an understanding of where you are ‘right now’. You will receive a written summary, video analysis, plus a 30-minute follow-up meeting or call to discuss the findings, and advice on your next steps.

A fitness test carried out by a qualified sport scientist is also available should you require.


Enhance your career in collaboration with a dedicated, one-to-one coach, to build and sustain a long-term training relationship. We also cater to off/pre-season training, injury rehabilitation, out-of-contract, or not club training. Home visits and non-disclosure agreements are available.

About Richardson Sport

Richardson Sport is a specialist Health, Fitness and Wellbeing sports company that provides a range of bespoke services to elite and aspiring athletes, clubs, community groups and schools.

We specialise in ‘Athlete Development’ and provide bespoke service packages to meet the needs of individuals and groups. These include areas of sports science and medicine, be it Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Performance Analysis, Psychology, Physiotherapy or Mentoring.

We work with professional and amateur athletes, to offer a tailored holistic approach that enables them to reach their full potential, on and off the field of play.

The need for our services has never been greater. Demand for our support – particularly in the world of professional football – is driven by the increased expectations placed on young players and academy hopefuls. The overall success rate is disproportionate – very few of these youngsters fully realise the dream that they and their supportive parents hope for. We see our role as being there for players, athletes and their families and colleagues, to celebrate their successes, support them in picking up the pieces, and keeping them focussed on their ambitions and life goals.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable athletes from grassroots to professional level to achieve their full potential. Our team does this through the provision of a holistic approach to their development, both physically and emotionally.

Our Values

Our Values ensure the mental wellbeing of our athletes is treated with equal importance as their physical development. This results in individuals who are fully rounded and optimised to cope with the rigours of pursuing a career as professional athletes.

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1-2-1 Coaching In Action

Our 1-2-1 Coaching sessions bring out the best in our athletes. By working 1-2-1, our coaches can learn and understand what is important to each individual and the best approaches to take to make every athlete shine.

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