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Founded in 2010, Richardson Sport is the North West’s leading independent coaching and athlete mentoring provider.

Based at the GB Taekwondo National Performance Centre in Manchester, we have assembled a highly skilled and experienced team of nutritionists, sports psychologists, fitness coaches, physiotherapists and sports mentors. It is our aim to deliver bespoke support packages that help athletes of all age and ability, professional and amateur, across a range of sports, reach their full potential.

Our team of experts will act as your own personal backroom staff, designing, reviewing and improving bespoke programmes specific to your individual needs.

Our methods are based on over 20 years’ experience operating predominantly within the professional football environment, at clubs such as Manchester City, Leeds United, Sheffield United and Nottingham Forest.

In 1999, 2002 and 2003, Wayne supported the England Lacrosse Team at the World Lacrosse Games in Australia and the United States of America.

Since then, we have trained and developed individual athletes and teams, both professional and amateur, in athletics, boxing, basketball, swimming, golf, tennis and many more.

Whatever your sport, we are ready to take you to the next level.


About Us

Our Story how Richardson Sport started

Richardson Sport was founded by Wayne Richardson and Emma Hughes in June 2010.

Wayne was obsessed with Football and Sport from a very young age and played for many clubs and teams across the North West and through wanting to be the best player he could be he developed a passion for health and fitness.

As a youngster Wayne grew up in Moss Side an inner-city suburb of Manchester, life in 1980’s Moss Side was tough as 1 of 8 siblings in a single parent household. Wayne learned early on that he would have to work hard to have the things in life he wanted (important things like Nike trainers & clothing, if you know Wayne you’ll know). As a teenager Wayne witnessed many young men choose the wrong path, opting for a life of crime often paying for their involvement through death or prison.

As a young man Wayne worked in Education as a Mentor at Cheadle & Marple College, where he developed his passion and skills for helping teens with all manner of issues; later he progressed in to Youth Service work undertaking roles and assignments for both the Home Office and Manchester City Council activating projects that sought to affect the negative impacts of Gang crime.

Wayne had a dream though and that was to help athletes and footballers be their absolute best. Wayne’s break in Football Fitness came whilst he was working for an organisation called New Life Fitness who provided Fitness Coaches to Clubs before Sports Science became a mandatory requirement in clubs.
Wayne was coaching at Manchester City Football Club in 1998 when Joe Royle was the Manager, Mr Royle turned to Wayne and said: “ You can do the warm-up Wayne the lads like you”.

Today Richardson Sport is based at the GB Taekwondo National Performance Centre in Manchester, we have assembled a highly skilled and experienced team of athletic development, fitness and performance coaches, nutritionists, sports analysts and psychologists, physiotherapists and sports mentors. It is our aim to deliver bespoke support packages that help athletes of all age and ability, professional and amateur, across a range of sports, reach their full potential be that through attending our individual programs or classes or through our work in Education, Youth and Community.




Wayne Richardson, Founder & Director

Prior to founding Richardson Sport, I worked for many years as a Fitness Coach with Manchester City, Leeds United, Sheffield United, Nottingham Forest, Notts County and Doncaster Rovers, as well as many non-league football clubs – Droylsden, Stalybridge Celtic, Hyde United, Radcliffe Borough, Salford City, and Bradford Park Avenue.

Away from football, my work in professional sport has taken me all over the world. In 1999, 2002 & 2003, I supported the England Lacrosse teams at the World Lacrosse Games in Australia and America, as Fitness Coach.

These days I am the Head Coach/Owner of Richardson Sport, my role provides me the opportunity to work with youth, academy and professional athletes alike from a variety of sports, which I am truly committed (some might say slightly obsessed) to, I love developing and executing programmes which support both athletic and personal development, ensuring athletes are given the best possible opportunity to fulfill their potential and succeed in their chosen sport.

Experience: UEFA B License football coach. Certified Personal Trainer. 20+ years’ experience in professional sporting environments.

Specialties: Strength and conditioning. Fitness Coaching. Sports mentoring.

Andrew Sutcliffe, Athletic Development Coach

As a youngster, I participated in several sports, including cricket, football, rugby and athletics. Aged 14 I decided to focus my efforts solely on Pole Vault. During my 10-year career, I competed at the junior Commonwealth, European and World championships and numerous Grand Prix’s including the Diamond League. I collected 6 national medals, a junior world championship bronze medal and became British champion in 2012.

Unfortunately, Pole Vault is a physically demanding sport and injuries are sometimes inevitable, a back injury in 2016 resulted in me retiring. Life after professional sport can be difficult and sometimes confusing, in an attempt to gain direction, I undertook qualifications including level 2 athletics coach, level 2 fitness instructor, level 3 sports massage therapist and level 3 personal trainer.

I am now combining my sporting experience and theoretical knowledge to deliver athletic development sessions with Richardson Sport. Sessions can be undertaken by athletes from a variety of sports, at all stages of development. The focus is to build a well-conditioned, all-around athlete. This can be achieved by increasing speed, strength and power, whilst improving running mechanics, mobility, core stability and more!

Adam Heywood BA (hons), MSc - Performance Coach

Prior to my career with Richardson Sport, I have had the pleasure to work with and help improve the competitive performance of many athletes. In 2013 I began as a performance coach and since then I have gained invaluable experience working with BMX riders, Rugby players (both league and union), Boxers and of course, Footballers. No matter who I work with my philosophy never changes, I believe correct movement, strength and power in every direction underpin sporting performance and will assist in keeping an athlete injury free.

As well as coaching correct movement and increasing strength and power, I have a passion for reactive development, agility and cognition. I believe the ability to “read” a situation is coachable and like to implement exercises into my sessions to improve this. Ultimately my passion and goal is to facilitate the athlete’s sporting skill and to make them more powerful, react quicker, be functionally stronger and of course, fitter.

Specialist areas: Strength and power development, agility and reaction development, sprint mechanics, fundamental movement coaching, conditioning for intermittent sports.

Gary Owen Consultant Performance Analyst

A qualified performance analyst with a Masters degree from the University of Chester, Garry has worked across a multitude of sports ranging from Olympic Sports to professional football. Following graduation from the University of Chester where he conducted two internships with professional football academies at Bury FC and Stoke City FC learning the processes and developing his analytical skills. Garry has since moved into Olympic sport working with GB Boxing, British Cycling and now GB Taekwondo. He has continued to work with individual footballers ranging from academy to premier league players.

The focus of the analytical work Garry conducts is specific to the individual, looking directly at the key performance indicators that the individual believes will improve their performance. This individualised approach can be modified and adapted to provide statistical, qualitative and video feedback directly aimed at improving performance.

Emma Hughes, Business Manager          

Emma manages all things 'back office' here at Richardson Sport and is a driving force behind the scenes, developing and executing our packages, marketing and events, whilst also ensuring the smooth operation of day to day business administration.


Why Fitness for Football?

The statistics are damning. The Premier League and Football League say that approximately 65% of scholars that sign with clubs at 18 years old are ultimately released.

Just as worrying are the numbers compiled by the Professional Footballers Association (PFA), showing that more than 50% of players who earn full-time contracts aged 18 will not be playing professionally by 21.

This dire fact prompted Gordon Taylor, the Chief Executive of the Professional Footballers Association, to state: "If it was a university of football, with our success rates we would have been closed down by now because it's just not good enough.”

In 1992, when the Premier League began, 71% of players were English. Today that figure is just above 30% and declining...

Howard Wilkinson, the former Technical Director of the Football Association, introduced the academy system in 1998 with the aim of producing an environment where the best young players in the country could thrive. However, speaking in 2008, a decade after his vision had come to being, he was already starting to predict the problems that would face future England managers.

At Richardson Sport we don’t just focus on the sporting achievements of our clients, we take a more holistic approach to their well-being. This is particularly evident with the academy players that we work with. With these players, we construct relationships that last long after their time with us has ended.

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of the players and our staff, clubs decide not to award players a scholarship or professional contract. This can be a devastating time for the young men and women and their families as they try and navigate a path through the disappointment. It is not uncommon for players to experience varying levels of depression and other problems at this point. Very often parents ask our mentors to assist their children through this period.

Our duty of care to these players does not end when their football dreams do. We take the time to explore both football and non-football options that are available to them.

At Richardson Sport we strive to be the best coaches, mentors and support network that our valued clients could wish for.


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Here are a few of the athletes, players, teams and sports people we've met and or worked with on our journey.


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